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Also Being so used to the Disney version this show was unexpected. However, I got really into the story, especially the love story aspect.

The beginning with the giant praying mantis was confusing, but otherwise I felt that the story was more mature than the Disney movie. There were no talking animals in the show, and we got nice backstories on each character like the prince, and the fairy godmother. See it if You want to score some points with your wife, or if want to bring a grand daughter under 10 years old.

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Don't see it if you are tired of the same stories being told over and over again, without anything new to add. See it if Disney "magic" is enough for you. But K Palmer's not strong enough to carry a big show. Don't see it if over-rated over-the-top reality-tv caricatures playing themselves will ruin Disney for you. Nene Leakes playing Nene Leakes is not worth it. See it if you are a person who enjoys a Broadway-version of a Disney classic.

Show with beautiful costume changes and staging, and great songs! See it if Amazing set, costumes, and music. The actors are so talented and the dances are incredible.

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Cinderella (Broadway)

Perfect for all ages. See it if I really enjoyed this show because all of the songs were really good and I loved all of the quick changes. See it if You love Cinderella or old musicals. This will not disappoint. The set design really made you feel like you were in the Forrest. Shows can use this space for FREE to post feature articles, videos, and other content. Learn more. Features live Cuban music. A deliciously old school and delicious high-end steak house offering generous portions of dry aged steaks and other goodies. Some seafood and chicken options, but not a good choice for non-carnivores.

This massive Irish Pub has been a friendly neighborhood classic for over forty years. Offers a menu of pub fare as well as steaks and seafood. A stylish new American hotel eatery with giant, full-wall windows offering a wonderful panoramic view of Midtown. Good food and wonderful service. Shows Broadway shows. Beyond Broadway. How To.

New York Already closed View in admin. From 37 member reviews. Score it Scored! Wish List Wish List. About the show The Broadway production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical offers a surprisingly contemporary take on the classic tale. Reviews 37 0. Avg Score. See: Critics' Reviews Members' Reviews. Delightful, Entertaining, Enchanting. May 23rd, See it if you want to see amazing dancing, singing, and acting!

It's a simple and effective gag and this is the tone that the rest of the show happily adapts. All the effects are notably old-school from the very simply handled transformation of Cinderella to the wires that take her Fairy Godmother aloft. It's the charming and right choice, letting this show stand out from special effects extravaganzas; wit and imagination is always preferable to animatronics. The Prince has spent his life in boarding schools and is vaguely aware he should be paying more attention to matters of state but isn't sure where to begin.

The other two additions to flesh out the score were cut from South Pacific and are similarly welcome. What kind of king does he want to be, Topher is asked. Fontana is a very talented, appealing actor albeit not the obvious choice for a square-jawed Prince. But Topher isn't your obvious Prince; he's an affable, slightly befuddled character and Fontana brings a great deal of charm to the part and a solid singing voice that benefits from our wanting him to succeed.

You forgive him not having a booming powerhouse of an instrument because you like him and want him to succeed. Laura Osnes as the earnest, plucky Cinderella is an excellent prod. Stories like this have very little tension, so the real pleasure comes in watching what you want to happen unfold. And these two have chemistry so their falling in love is both inevitable and sweet, especially that first time they tentatively hold hands and begin to dance at the Ball.

Marshall's faith is fully confirmed here, with Osnes delivering an uncomplicated, sweet turn that's never knowing or modern.

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The costumes by William Ivey Long walk a fine line most of the show. The ball gowns for the other characters are slightly garish so Cinderella will shine all the more. Fair enough. And when the Fairy Godmother transforms from the old crone "Crazy Marie" into her sparkling self, I assumed the ungainly look was due to that particular switch. But later in the show the Fairy Godmother appears again and her costume still looked like it had a bolster or seat cushion of some sort jutting out on either side which was particularly unattractive and awkward looking.

She also has a weird set of antennae sticking out of her head; all of this is easily fixed and should be. The scenic design by Anna Louizos is generally strong as well, with a striking forest creating the fairy tale mood and an arch of greenery framing the stage throughout as a gentle reminder this is a story. Cinderella's home, the woods and the grand staircase leading to the ball are all solidly rendered, though for some reason I found the moon rather banal. The hair and wig design by Paul Huntley hints towards the comical but never quite goes there, happily.

Ann Harada does go there as Cinderella's other sister, the blunt Charlotte.

The amusing "Step-Sister's Lament" -- which wonders why the Prince always falls for those annoyingly pretty girls -- is as close to a show-stopper as this gentle production gets. Some nice touches via the new book and director Mark Brokaw can be found throughout. Cinderella and the Prince are joined in their loneliness by having him join in on "In My Own Little Corner," though of course she is sitting by a cold fire and he's sitting on a throne.

Later, the memories of the Ball in "When You're Driving Through The Moonlight" another very strong moment for Osnes and "A Lovely Night" allow the stepmother to forget herself for a moment and show a little affection for Cinderella, even though normally she insists on referring to her biological children as the "daughters that count" and so on. This lets the happily ever after extend to everyone, including a democratic election for the people in which the scheming Sebastian is co-opted rather than punished and even the stepmother hears the three kindest words Cinderella knows: "I forgive you.

Let's be clear, this is a slightly generous three stars that is rooted in a sweet score and a cast that delivers these modest goods. This sort of professional, solid show shouldn't be over-praised or undersold.

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With only seven musicals debuting on Broadway until the end of the season in May, it's hard to not to want every single one to be a blockbuster home run. This Cinderella may prove to be that commercially; it's certainly off to a strong start. Veterans like Harris and Clark and Bartlett are pros and it shows, Harada has fun in a comic turn and Osnes and Fontana prove they can carry the weight of a major musical with charm. Discount Offers on Cinderella Tickets Sorry, this show has closed. Browse shows. Audience Ages 4 and up. Opened Mar 3, Closed Jan 4, User Reviews Read 9 reviews or write your own.

Cinderella Reviews Cinderella is as solidly entertaining a commercial proposition as they come, featuring one of Broadway's finest ensembles and what might be its couple of the year. Scott Brown, New York Magazine. William Ivey Long and director Mark Brokaw stage how-the-heck-did-they-do-that visual tricks that transform Cinderella from rags into red-carpet-ready riches before our eyes.

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