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These coupons become separate securities, with the principal payment due at maturity, with no interim coupon payment. Assuming it originally pays coupons semi-annually, 21 zero-coupon bonds can be created. This includes the 20 semi-annual coupon payments. There is also a bond created from the principal payment at maturity.

All 21 securities are distinct and trade in the market. They have a very high credit quality since the bonds are backed by U.

Principal-Only STRIPS

Treasury securities. If an investor wishes to sell prior to maturity, the market is very liquid. Generally, taxes are due for the interest earned each year, even though there is no cash payment until maturity or when the STRIPS are sold. However, a tax-deferred account, such as an individual retirement account IRA and nontaxable accounts, which include pension funds , avoid this taxation. Fixed Income Essentials. Treasury Bonds.

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Introduction To STRIPS

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How Stripped Treasury Bonds Work

Popular Courses. Often de-risking is also associated with a higher interest rate hedge ratio, or the dollar duration exposure of assets relative to liabilities. Pension funded statuses have improved some year to date given the equity market rally in the US, though falling discount rates have partially counteracted this. As demand has abated recently though, the basis between coupon and principal STRIPS — and of both relative to whole Treasury bonds — has widened. If implemented, this would have a ripple effect that should tighten the basis between STRIPS and their equivalent whole bonds.

The most immediate, impactful change to the market is dealer sponsored repo facilities, which have been fully approved and are likely to be implemented within the next few months. Sponsored repo enables approved financial institutions to novate certain cleared repo transactions to FICC [4]. In essence, this allows banks and dealers to net repo transactions with sponsored lenders and sponsored borrowers, thus reducing the capital constraints of participating in repo markets.

Dealer balance sheets are generally optimized for capital efficiency, and the coupon remnants from creating STRIPS can inhibit this.

Policies & Information

By improving their ability to utilize balance sheet assets in the repo market, fixed income market liquidity should improve more broadly, including for Treasury STRIPS. It has also been discussed amongst market participants that the Federal Reserve could allow its open market operations account [5] to be used for stripping, which would reduce the onus on dealers to use their own balance sheets when stripping or reconstituting.

Additionally, the January TBAC Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee presentation proposed issuing long-dated zero coupon Treasuries as a means to fund increasing borrowing needs in a way that also meets and encourages domestic Treasury demand. These proposals admittedly range from very preliminary to near implementation, but are a clear acknowledgement that there is room for improvement in the market structure for fixed income trading. Posted in Investor Insights. Videos About the blog. Owen Hawkins, CFA.

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